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Meritation Solutions are the first provider in the UK to build a ‘one stop gateway’ enabling Telecoms businesses (whether Licensed Operators, Resellers and Dealers) to become fully authorised Communications Providers via WLR3 and simplifying the ordering experience for the myriad of products offered by BT Wholesale. Moreover, the gateway also provides the ‘CP’ with a fully integrated billing engine, designed to a granular level to meet the requirements of the small SME through to Major corporate users.

As such, our model is already being used directly by significant corporate clients; wishing to adopt the wholesale model directly and establishing for themselves a Telecoms division. Thus enabling them to provision; order wholesale products and have autonomous control over their billing reconciliation.

This unique portal therefore provides just one environment for all the CP’s requirements whether;

  • Ordering of BT Wholesale products, billing consolidation/Tarriff comparison
  • Provisioning/fault reports etc
  • Ease of circuit migration

Products include: PSTN, ISDN2 & ISDN30 lines, Wholesale Calls, 20CN & 21CN ADSL/2+ & Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) Broadband, IPVS - hosted VoIP & SIP Trunking, and Wholesale Ethernet over both copper and fibre.